Google Chrome AdBlock with Privoxy

[update 2]

Check adsweep an adblock extension for chrome

other alternatives to my original solution:

Privoxy solution:

I love the new Google Chrome Browser, especially the…:

  • – really fast render speed,
  • – new tab page
  • – and the ability to create a new window from a tab that you drop outside chrome.

Naturally, I am missing all my nice add-ons from Firefox, mainly the adblock add-on!

So I found an alternative solution: using Privoxy. Privoxy is a small web proxy that runs locally and has the ability to filter ads.

  • 1. Download & install
  • 2. And then set Google chrome’s proxy options:
    Options->Under the hood->change proxy settings->Lan Settings
    Check: “Use a proxy server for your LAN”
    And under advanced add proxy address port 8118 for http and secure but leave ftp blank.

Now you can surf the web with Google Chrome and a lot less ads!

79 thoughts on “Google Chrome AdBlock with Privoxy”

  1. I couldn’t agree more on your opinion about Adblock. I surly missed it the first time I went to a site of mine. Awfull lot popups.

    Well, thanks for the proxy tips but they don’t work here, shame.

  2. …aaand, now it works….I’m a dumba$$…had to set the proxy settings on dialup for my aircard in my laptop, not just the LAN settings. Doh!

  3. This is the sh*t! Thanks a lot.
    Is there a possibility to remove the “Request blocked by Privoxy: Catch…” message as well?

  4. I’m computer dumb so forgive me. If I do this on my computer will it effect how other computers on my wireless network access the net?


  5. doesn’t work for french ads apparently… :( or I’m doing something wrong…

    can’t believe people can actually surf without adblock… internet is SCARY without it!

  6. Unfortunately it uses IE’s proxy settings, so if you change it for Chrome, it also changes it for IE. Also, if your company prohibits changing the proxy via policy (as mine does) then this method will not work. :(

  7. I have the settings set up exactly how you describe but It is not working, when I try to open Privoxy it gives me this error

    ”Sep 03 blahblahblah Fatal Error: Can’t bind to There may be another privoxy or some other proxy running on port 8118.”

    I dont even really know what a proxy is so Im pretty sure I never had anything else set up. I am on a linksys router from cable modem what should I do?

    Id really like to use chrome as my main browser if I can just get this adblocking working.


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  9. @Dee: you can disable the animation in the config.txt file with “activity-animation 0”

    you can also hide the icon by going to “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties > Notification Area > Customize ” and select always hide.

  10. I am getting this error after installing and changing settings:

    Error 104 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED): The attempt to connect to the server failed.

    I also noticed the following line when Privoxy loads:

    Sep 05 16:05:40.718 Privoxy(00000720) Info: No thread-safe PRNG implemented for your platform. Using weak ‘randomization’ factor which will limit the already questionable usefulness of header-time-randomizing actions (disabled by default).

    Any thoughts?

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  12. Thanks, that fixed one of the problems with Chrome. The other is the reason I just uninstalled it and probably will not load it again. ** While CLOSED (not running in the background), it constantly is trying to access the internet via Googleupdate. :(

  13. Privoxy is spectacular – thanks Boris!

    I’ve looked through the manual and it’s a little bit difficult for me:

    Can anyone tell me the syntax to:
    – block all flash from a site
    – unblock all flash from a site

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  15. started working instantly… no ads what so ever… im very happy with this… i will use privoxy as its a great sw and as soon as google releases an official adblocker i will switch on to it… thanks

  16. “I’m fiddling with Google Chrome and Privoxy; using it increased DL times by about 15-20%”

    Not any more – DL speeds are the same as with Ad Muncher, namely about the same as w/no proxy. No ads with either one.

    Re: Bookmarks: In FF had about 10 folders each with dozens of bookmarks – I managed to get all 10 folders onto Chrome’s bookmark toolbar: dragged each one individually, tho now I forget how.

    I hacked-away the auto-updating, and tho the install location still bugs me, I’m sure they’ll fix that with a real release.

    New browser!

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  18. One step forward (anticrash)

    and three steps back:

    privacy borrowing: import from firefox

    zero in chrome adblocking: loopback filtering is entertaining (proxomitron)

    extensions MIA

    and I’m sure it won’t bother you contratheists but I cannot load

    in chrome because nanny chrome doesn’t like some of the ad content, but provides no easy way to show the safe content and exclude the bad


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