Google Chrome ADBlock without proxy

I found a new way to use the Google Chrome browser without having to install or use a proxy.

The solution is called

Since I use the developer preview channel, I installed adsweep as an extension/plugin.

Quick steps for Chrome-dev with adsweep extension:

  1. Switch chrome to dev channel with the Google Chrome Channel Changer (more info)
  2. Download AdSweep extension AdSweep.crx
  3. Install extension by running chrome from command-line with:
  4. chrome.exe –install-extension=AdSweep.crx

    Chrome is installed by default in your application data profile: for Vista users:

  5. Enable extensions by adding:
    to your Google Chrome Shortcut
  6. Verify that the extension/addon loaded correctly by navigating to chrome-ui://extensions/

Happy browsing, without Ads and proxy!

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