Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions Migration

In addition to the provided guide by Google.

Here is the changes I had to make in my code for futur reference:

OLD <1.0 NEW< >=1.0
event.params.uid context.params.uid change.after.val() change.ref.remove()
.onWrite(event => { .onWrite((change, context) => {
.onDelete((event) => { .onDelete((snap, context) => {
const object =; object
storage.object().onChange(event => { storage.object().onFinalize((object, context) => {

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Google Chrome ADBlock without proxy

I found a new way to use the Google Chrome browser without having to install or use a proxy.

The solution is called

Since I use the developer preview channel, I installed adsweep as an extension/plugin.

Quick steps for Chrome-dev with adsweep extension:

  1. Switch chrome to dev channel with the Google Chrome Channel Changer (more info)
  2. Download AdSweep extension AdSweep.crx
  3. Install extension by running chrome from command-line with:
  4. chrome.exe –install-extension=AdSweep.crx

    Chrome is installed by default in your application data profile: for Vista users:

  5. Enable extensions by adding:
    to your Google Chrome Shortcut
  6. Verify that the extension/addon loaded correctly by navigating to chrome-ui://extensions/

Happy browsing, without Ads and proxy!

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Google Chrome AdBlock with Privoxy

[update 2]

Check adsweep an adblock extension for chrome

other alternatives to my original solution:

Privoxy solution:

I love the new Google Chrome Browser, especially the…:

  • – really fast render speed,
  • – new tab page
  • – and the ability to create a new window from a tab that you drop outside chrome.

Naturally, I am missing all my nice add-ons from Firefox, mainly the adblock add-on!

So I found an alternative solution: using Privoxy. Privoxy is a small web proxy that runs locally and has the ability to filter ads.

  • 1. Download & install
  • 2. And then set Google chrome’s proxy options:
    Options->Under the hood->change proxy settings->Lan Settings
    Check: “Use a proxy server for your LAN”
    And under advanced add proxy address port 8118 for http and secure but leave ftp blank.

Now you can surf the web with Google Chrome and a lot less ads!

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