Mozilla Thunderbird Crash (Solved)

Suddenly Mozilla Thunderbird started crashing on me. I found out that it was the webmail addon “Hotmail 1.2.15 (live)” which creates the problem. The solution is to upgrade to the newer version 1.2.17, but unfortunately this has to be done manually:

  • 1) download the new version of the addon http://webmail.mozdev.org/installation.html (right-click save as).
  • 2) start mozilla thunderbird in safemode.
  • 3) drag & drop the downloaded extension into the addon manager.
  • 4) restart Thunderbird.

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Company of Heroes: Opposing fronts – mission 8 black screen

The loading will get to the point where you click to continue [Mission Splash screen] once you click, the screen goes blank and you hear what sounds like an explosion then nothing. Only a black screen.

I found a solution in the relic forums


Fix for this issue:

Go to this folder:

My documents\My Games\Company of Heroes\Savegames\RelicCOH\Campaigns\cxp2\

Find the file

“oosterbeek_crossing – counterattack.cohsav”

Move this file out of the folder and onto your desktop or delete it.

Run the game, hit continue campaign.

NOTE: This worked for me

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