Mozilla Thunderbird Crash (Solved)

Suddenly Mozilla Thunderbird started crashing on me. I found out that it was the webmail addon “Hotmail 1.2.15 (live)” which creates the problem. The solution is to upgrade to the newer version 1.2.17, but unfortunately this has to be done manually:

  • 1) download the new version of the addon (right-click save as).
  • 2) start mozilla thunderbird in safemode.
  • 3) drag & drop the downloaded extension into the addon manager.
  • 4) restart Thunderbird.

5 thoughts on “Mozilla Thunderbird Crash (Solved)”

  1. Thank you for posting the information! I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was causing the crashing. The upgrade for hotmail solved the crash for me :)

  2. Yes, thanks a lot for posting this. I just disabled my Yahoo Mail add-on for Thunderbird and my crashing went away (retrieving Yahoo Mail with Thunderbird hadn’t been working for me for some months).

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