Using Cheap China Microscope with Micro-Manager on Windows

In order for Micro-Manager to recognize my cheap china microscope, I needed to patch the provided OpenCVGrabber driver.

The original version of the driver always selected the first USB camera available, and did not pass validation of the configuration for the webcam driver from the microscope.

As Micro-Manager is Open Source, I looked into making a patch. The new version which supports camera selection from a dropdown by name. Is available for windows 10 and Version 2.0 beta of Micro-Manger:

  1. Install Version 2.0 beta
  2. Download the compiled mmgr_dal_OpenCVgrabber.dll
  3. Replace it in the folder of Micro-Manager x64 c:\Program Files\Micro-Manager-2.0beta

Status for integration into the application can be followed on the pull request.

2 thoughts on “Using Cheap China Microscope with Micro-Manager on Windows”

  1. Do you know exactly what version this works in? It is not working for me in the latest. OpenCV disappears from the list of choices after I copy the DLL.

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